trust my rage

Christina / 20
emotionally unstable;
cruel and curious creature by nature

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And the walls kept tumbling down,

In the city that we love…


I think I’m doing good without references yay!


I think I’m doing good without references yay!


I AM A WITCH (1972)


I AM A WITCH (1972)

This’ll be the day that I die.

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“Rich said he’d do anything. He’d fly up. He’d suck my cock. And I thought, yeah, that’d be great- he has a soft mouth!” Misha #DallasCon

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Sooner or later he’ll get tired of ghosts. Or shadows. Or secrets. Or the growing conviction that not all of me belongs to him, and never will.

— Glen Duncan, By Blood We Live (via outpastthemoat)

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Hannibal Lecter + looking softer and cuddlier(?) than usual

DOFP Gag Reel

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things we are gonna miss in dean winchester: crowle sent » “deans green eyes fuck”

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WtNV - Cecil Baldwin

FINALLY! Something… that… counts. I think. A proper Cecil. My Headcanon Cecil. He changes depending on moon anyways… ugh! *lazily copy-pastes comment from DA*

Guys… you don’t believe how much I struggled with this. And in the end it went almost as smooth as it should have in the beginning!
My Cecil Headcanon… of course you don’t see everything that I was thinking of when I drew it BUT it comes closer than any of the other dozens of attempts I did before!
My Cecil…
- Pale-ish with Freckles (cuz I love freckles)
- 10th Doctor-Hairstyle with 2 colors and a little luke skywalker braid
- Floating, glowing eye. Or not floating. Depends on the mood.
- 2 coloured eyes. Maybe. They switch from time to time but they never have the same colour.
- Tattoos like… everwhere. That cover his whole neck and chest/shoulder area down to his hands. He might have some elsewhere, too. ;D
- Dapper Clothing with weird mixes … like the fuzzy pants and cowboy boots. Maybe he loves to wear weird hats.
- A little rebelious… cuz he has a PEN! *girly scream*

Go listen to Night Vale.
I mean it.
Do it.
Never stop. Listen to it on repeat until you can rehearse every episode. Until you die.



You always stand up. - Sarah Rogers